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Build sophisticated graphical applications using one of the world's most powerful cross-platform toolkits, learning from practical examples, full applications, and in-depth reference appendices!
Learn How to Design Applications with GTK+

Foundations of GTK+ Development is the only book completely dedicated to GTK+ 2 development, available at for only $23.70. It uses numerous examples to introduce almost every widget available in the library. In this book, you will learn how to:
  • Use basic widgets such as windows, buttons, and labels, in addition to many types of container widgets.
  • Create custom dialogs and use built-in dialogs for file, font, and color selection. The book also covers GtkAssistant, which was introduced in GTK+ 2.10.
  • Use many features provided by GLib including data structures, dynamic modules, memory management, the main loop, and pipes.
  • Develop with advanced widgets like GtkTreeView and GtkTextView.
  • Dynamically load menus with GtkUIManager, and user interfaces with Libglade.
  • Create your own custom widgets, objects, and interfaces.

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Using GLib's GKeyFile Parser

Key files in GLib are much like .ini files used on Microsoft Windows machines. Data is split into groups, where the name appears between square bracket characters, and comments are started by the pound character. Key files, parsed by GKeyFile, keep track of strings, localized strings, Boolean values, integers, doubles, and lists of each of these data types. [Read More]

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